Aviator Demo: Play Crash game in fun mode

A red plane with text Demo mode and Aviator

Before you play with real money, try your plans on the Aviator demo. This can really boost your chances of winning.


What is the Demo Mode?

The Aviator demo mode is simply the free version of the casino game. It offers a similar experience to its real-money counterpart. That’s because the aim remains to cash out earnings before the plane leaves the grid.

However, you get to bet on the Aviator betting game without spending real money.

A cell phone displaying Aviator Demo mode inteface with betting options
A cell phone displaying Aviator game with options Play and Demo

Where to Find Free Version of the Game?

You’ll find the Aviator game demo mode at top Indian online casinos. These platforms include the title among their collections, so you can locate it in dedicated sections or by using the search function.

Some sites also let you sort gaming options by providers. In that case, you only need to narrow your search to those from Spribe so you can find the crash game.

How to Play Demo Version

Playing the fun mode Aviator is quite straightforward, and we have detailed everything you should know to start the process.



First, register at an online casino that offers the free game


Once your account is active, head to the lobby


Use the search box to locate the game


Hover over the icon and select the play Aviator demo option


Then, you can place wagers and enjoy the free play

Demo Betting

Though the Aviator demo allows you to play absolutely for free, learning how to bet is important. Thankfully, the process is quite easy. When you launch the game, you’ll find the option beneath the grid.

One of the advantages of the Aviator demo game for free bets is that you can place two stakes simultaneously. This increases your potential payout, allowing you to earn more from a single gaming session.

The betting grid has a few set amounts that you can easily click on. Still, it has plus and minus buttons that you can use to manually adjust the wager amount. Once you’re satisfied with the wager, click the green bet icon. Just note, that you must complete the stake during the betting round, which begins immediately after every session.

Aviator Spribe also features an autoplay feature that allows automatic betting for a specific number of rounds. To activate this feature, tap the “auto” option on the grid. You can then choose how many sessions you want. Using this function further allows you to stop wagering automatically if your balance increases or decreases by a particular amount.

Screenshot displaying betting options of the Aviator game
Screenshot displaying auto play options of the Aviator game

Aviator Demo Version Features

The demo option isn’t short on features; there are a few functions that make your gameplay smoother and more exciting. One of these is the auto cash out. This automatically takes out your winnings once it hits a multiplier.

You can activate it in the game demo mode by navigating to the auto section and tapping the cashout option. Next, you set a multiplier value before returning to place your bets.

Even when you play the Aviator game for free, you can be certain that the outcome of every round is fair. For one, each session depends on the outcome that the random number generator creates. You can also confirm the integrity of the results of the game using the Provably fair technology. This makes it impossible for third parties to influence your winning chances.

Advantages of Aviator Game Fun Mode

You find out how to play the game

Trying out this mode of the online casino game gives you a better idea of how it works. With this, you have a grasp of the basics before spending cash and learn how to gamble online.

There’s no risk

With the Aviator demo slot, playing is more exciting because you don’t risk money during sessions. You get virtual currencies, which you use to play for free.

You don’t have to register at all casinos

On some sites, the game is accessible even without you signing up.

It offers a similar experience to the real money version

Even when enjoying the demo version of the game, the experience is similar to when you play for real money. That’s because everything remains the same, from the graphics to the features.

The Aviator Casino game is mobile-compatible

You’re not limited to wagering on a PC because the Aviator free game works on smartphones and tablets. Plus, there’s no need to complete a download before playing. As long as the casino offers a free Aviator demo game, it is possible to place stakes directly from the browser-based site.

You can practice strategies

The free demo game offers players to develop and practice various strategies. Since you don’t spend anything when you play the demo version, you can test out different approaches to learn those that can boost your winning chances.


Since the Spribe Aviator demo uses a random number generator, there’s no way to influence when you land winnings. Regardless, with the right tips, you can maximize your Aviator slot game sessions. The two most common options we recommend include:

Low-Risk Strategy

Using a low-risk strategy means taking out your funds when the multiplier is at a low value, usually between 1.4x and 1.8x. You don’t land huge wins with this, but your earnings are more consistent. That’s because the probability of the Aviator online game usually crashing at a small multiplier is low.

If you’re a casual bettor, this approach is the most ideal. Using it, you can place a wager amount of your choice.

Strategy With High Risk

For those who don’t mind taking risks when playing the game from Spribe, we advice that they opt for this strategy. Instead of cashing out at a low multiplier value, you wait till the number soars higher, usually between 2.5 and above. However, unlike the low-risk option, this approach has a lower chance of winning, but the payout can be quite substantial.

Tips for Punters

If you’re a beginner trying the Aviator demo mode, use these tips to make the most of your sessions:

Two Modes

Understand the difference between the free Aviator game and the real money version. You don’t need cash to play the former, while you must register and place actual bets for the latter.

Control betting

Place smaller bets, as this allows you to enjoy the game for longer.

Learn Mechanics

Start by learning how to play Aviator in demo mode. It removes the risk of losing money.

Set Bankroll

When using cash, never bet more than your budget.

Auto Options

Use the automatic functions when you play Aviator for free.

Real Money Mode vs Demo Mode Play

So, what is the difference between Aviator demo play and real options?


It doesn’t always require players to sign up at the casino that offers the Aviator game

There’s no need to invest in the site

It doesn’t qualify you for bonuses

Your rewards are virtual and can’t be withdrawn

There’s no risk of losing cash

Real Money

Players must sign up on the platform before they can bet.

You must deposit and use your funds to place wagers

Playing for real money at an online casino that offers Aviator makes you eligible for promotions

You can win and withdraw when you play Aviator for real money

There’s a possibility of losing cash


Can I access the Aviator demo mode without registering at a casino?

Yes, some online casinos offer Aviator demo mode without registration. However, this feature varies from site to site.

Does the Aviator demo mode offer the same experience as playing for real money?

The demo mode provides a similar experience. The main difference is that the demo uses virtual currency, so there is no financial risk or real money winnings involved.

Is Aviator’s demo mode useful for learning game strategies?

Absolutely. The demo mode is an ideal environment for testing and developing strategies because it simulates real gameplay without financial risk.

Are the results in Aviator demo mode determined by a random number generator (RNG)?

Yes, the results in both the demo and real money casino games at Aviator are determined by an RNG.